Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Global Healthcare and Medical Services

With better healthcare facilities available globally, the life expectancy of human beings have increased manifold in the developed countries. But along with that, the expenses for continual medical treatment in the old ages have also gone up.

After retirement, it is difficult for an individual to fend for the healthcare of the family, especially if there is a particular disease that has to be taken care of. Thus, one always prefers to look for facilities where good medical services are available at relatively lower expenditure.

But it is not an easy find anyway! When cheaper medical services become available, one develops certain complaints with the quality of service they are providing, or vice versa. It is extremely difficult to pick out a clinic that offers both quality and lower expenses.

Like in many other areas, here also, one has often looked eastwards for solutions. The expenditures always nosedive downwards if one outsources from the East, owing to its large population. But will quality be also available therein? Is it possible to get qualified doctors and trained technicians to run the costly equipment that are a part of the developed medical world?

In most cases, the answer is no, unless you are here at the Global Healthcare and Medical Services.

Our Services

Healthcare Consultancy Services

When people opt for visiting the Asian and African countries that offer high quality of medical treatments with the best of skilled people and equipment but at a much lower cost, one is actually not aware of the place one must choose. Not all hospitals in the East are good with their services and do not offer cheap treatments as well. One thus has to pick and choose the clinics that are well-known for offering quality services at lower prices.

It is very difficult to know from outside and hence one has to depend on consultancy. Our health consultancy services are the most dependable in the world with all of the genuine information about the clinics and hospitals available.

Hospital Management Consultancy

We know that it is a tough challenge to meet the expectations of good services at cheap price. Not all the clinics can achieve this, and for those who want to, we extend our hospital management consultancy services as well. Our expert consultants can help with the practical solutions to optimize manpower, energy and resources with the best utilization of waste management. We can show great results bringing in substantial changes over little time.

Medical Tourism

We understand and value the fact that the individual opting for medical tourism in the East comes with high hopes for an improved medical condition of the self, after having travelled such long distances. Also, we appreciate the fact that an individual does not come alone; there are people who will accompany the individual. One also has to arrange for her/his stay during the period of treatment. The stay thus has to be cheap and yet up to the mark as the people coming in from the West is used to in their own lands. The change in weather and food habits along with the mental pressure of well-being of the patient can cause quite a bit of problem for these people; so they must be taken well care of.

Hospital Review

In order to choose a clinic, one keeps in mind many factors, like the availability of high quality equipment, trained doctors and technicians, success rate, etc. In most of the online feedback available, one can hardly find true facts, and a majority of these are paid feedbacks.

We thus help you with our most genuine hospital reviews that come out of the original. We also support our feedback with images so as to make them increasingly transparent and authentic. One can thus choose based on our reviews and get away from ending up at a clinic that falls way short of the expectations.

Medical Equipment Trading

The best quality of medical services needs the best of equipment as well. But it is always a difficult task to find out which one are the best. Also, one has to be smart in buying since cost management plays an important role. Thus, medical equipment trading can be a complicated affair at times.

But it is no more complicated if you are with us. Here, you get the best of equipment at the best of their prices. We liaison with many of the global equipment manufacturers and help in making their instruments available easily for the interested buyers.

Global E-clinic

With the whole world going the e-way, it is important to make the information on the best of medical healthcare available over the mobile apps as well. This helps easier access to people in need, and we facilitate this by sharing our pieces of information on various mobile apps. Thus, one can get free health consultancy in making the choice of hospitals by using our e-clinic apps.

GSMP (Global Surgical Membership Programme)

We have the GSMP for individuals and corporates to facilitate people in need of surgeries. A member of this program can not only get facilitated for the various surgeries but also in selection of hospitals, doctors and medical tourism.

Health Camps/Events

We keep updating about our frequently held health camps and events. People can enrol and get themselves checked up for health issues. We generally tie up with various corporates for such programs although we also have open events for the non-members.

Group Companies/Brands

It is for sure a great bit of a deal to manage the business across so many countries, dealing with multiple insurance firms and corporates at the same time. In order to smoothen out the otherwise lengthy and cumbersome process, we have our allies who are as good as our and the clinics and hospitals that we offer. Some of them are there to take care of the accommodation and local travel arrangements while a few others are our medical partners.

We are thankful to Global Medical Solutions for their highly qualified consultancy on the various medical issues. They help us in choosing the best alternatives for treating a particular disease in clinics offering the unique amalgamation of quality and cheap expenses. We are equally indebted to Surgery Tours India, a concern that takes the best care of our medical tourism plans. They help us to chalk out the whole program for an individual client and her/his accompaniment in the most economical way, both in terms of money and time.

Last but not the least, our NGO partners, Fly ‘In’ Doctors Jeevan Ki Aasha, helps us with the best of advice regarding which medical expert to choose for treating a particular ailment, and also about the clinics and hospitals to choose alongside.