Our Mission

Our mission includes:-

  • To operate at the best interest of the patients, keeping everything absolutely transparent.
  • To commit to the best level of quality in medical treatment provided to the clients worldwide.
  • To coordinate with our units across 16 countries to provide the best of services to not only our clients but also the individuals accompanying them.
  • To smoothen out the international processes of visa, remittance, etc. in close liaison with the governments and ministerial authorities of various countries.

Transparency is our topmost agenda since this is the most important factor in building a reputation worldwide. It also gives the clients the much needed faith and dependence on our brand name when they are in the process choosing a company facilitating their international travel for medical tourism.

Next comes another important thing- that of international liaison. We are fully aware of the fact that the patient and her/his accompaniments are hardly in a situation to tackle all the issues related to international travelling, remittance, etc. Thus, we take up a large part of the responsibility on our shoulders and make sure that quite a bit of it is taken care of.

Coordinating with the insurance companies is another very important factor. Most of the clients want to facilitate through the cashless transaction facility which needs a bit of hard working and liaison when done at the international level. We do that pretty well and expertise in coordinating with the topmost health insurance firms across the globe, thereby making it extremely easy for the patients to sail through the whole process that may otherwise seem quite lengthy and cumbersome. This also takes care of the problems related to remittances, international credit and debit cards, since a majority of the expenditure is taken care of.

Our aim remains to build a good brand name in the industry worldwide. We want to stand out in the crowd, being truthful and loyal to our clients, something that is rarely available in this sector. Most of the medical tourism companies have hidden charges, while quite a big bunch out of the lot fail to live up to the expectations of the clients by not being able to provide the best of medical treatments. Either they fall short of the quality of medical attention and expertise that was desired by the client or committed by the firm, or the expenses go up beyond the sum that was promised or estimated earlier on and agreed upon between the client and the firm. These are quite common cases happening and there are many cases of fraud that has been reported in this part of the world!

In the middle of such frauds, it becomes extremely difficult for the client and her/his accompanying individual to take a hold of the situation. They do not know the police and the local language neither do they have the time and frame of mind to go into all of the cumbersome process in case of such a trouble.

That is the reason we impart so much of importance to the transparency- it is this factor that improves our brand name and the faith of people on us. And we are totally committed to our endeavours of high quality of services with the best level of transparency that is possible from our side.

Company presence self or representative in following countries

We are headquartered at Gurgaon, India, but have access to as many as 16 countries in Asia, Africa, the CIS countries and the Middle East. We are there in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Oman, Iraq, Qatar, Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, Zambia, Tanzania, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, the USA, the UK and Canada. We also have our centres at Abu Dhabi and Dubai. In most countries, we are present at our own offices while in only a few of them, we have our group partners through the sister concerns with whom we have tie-ups. We are coming up fast with our own centres at these countries very soon as well.