Healthcare Consultancy Services

Healthcare Consultancy Services

When people opt for visiting the Asian and African countries that offer high quality of medical treatments with the best of skilled people and equipment but at a much lower cost, one is actually not aware of the place one must choose. Not all hospitals in the East are good with their services and do not offer cheap treatments as well. One thus has to pick and choose the clinics that are well-known for offering quality services at lower prices.

It is very difficult to know from outside and hence one has to depend on consultancy. Our health consultancy services are the most dependable in the world with all of the genuine information about the clinics and hospitals available.

With the growth in Health industry so did the awareness in the health grew and the need of health consultation management too. Healthcare consultant companies manage healthcare cost and legislative and economic changes that alter the benefit landscape. These are health and benefits consulting practice works with employers to develop customized benefit plans that drive management, promote responsibility and accountability help participants manage health risk and chronic conditions and reduce absence.

Healthcare consultancy consists of advising public and private healthcare companies, pharmaceutical organisations, government and international organisations like cypress tx about their business plans, strategies and policies. These companieshave a precisedomain knowledge and managing industry dynamics and ensure to create and operate quality healthcare organizations and facilities and help the clients with best models of systems and policies to generate sustainable results. These companies aim at developing an effectively functioning healthcare facility.

Employers are seeking innovative and cost efficient employee benefit solutions.

Employers must continue their focus on near term cost management including strong vendor management and sound design and cost sharing tactics. At the same time employers seek to change the longer term cost curve by addressing employee health, lifestyle choices and productivity. Global Healthcare & Medical Services Healthcare management company fosters improved and holistic changes in company’s employees health and productivity through a well thought out intervention, reduced hospitalizations and decreased accumulated lifestyle risks. The consulting expertise and administrative resources to plan, design and execute and deliver health benefits strategy.

The medical, clinical and legal expertise consultants at Global Healthcare & Medical Services influence the national carriers and enable to help manage healthcare costs through a combination of approaches including continued cost shifting and tougher negotiations with health plans.

The services offered at Health care consultancies are

  • Preparing detailed project reports
  • Pre commissioning and post commissioning consulting
  • Preparing and validating business plans
  • Strategic financial and budget planning
  • Accreditation consultancy
  • Developing SOPs, policies, tariffs etc.
  • Hospital management information system consulting
  • Medical equipment planning, budgeting and consulting
  • Both clinical and non-clinical trainings
  • Developing business process and protocols in hospitals
  • Operational and administration management consulting.

We take care of;

  • Cost reduction plan
  • Quality plan
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Post accreditation monitoring
  • Customer care management
  • Support in services outsourcing
  • Revenue improvement plan
  • Department and hospital audit

Besides these

  • We mediate between the corporate and the hospitals.
  • We organise camps health talks’ speciality consultation, vaccination programs, screening camps and other activities through various hospitals as per the corporate requirements.
  • Assist in the designing of preventive health check and pre-employment packages as per the needs with the support of occupational health consultants.
  • We support corporate CSR activities in the healthcare segments.
  • Provide support for the development of the Occupational Health Consultants.
  • Coordinate and follow up with hospitals when employees of corporate clients require support for outpatient, Inpatient and emergency medical services in the desired hospital.
  • We provide personalized service to the senior members of the corporate at leading hospitals.

Role of a consultant:

  • The consultant helps employers to recognize the hazards in the workplace.
  • They assist the employers in developing or maintaining effective safety and health management programmes.
  • They suggest general approaches or options for solving a safety or health problem they identify the resources available if an employer needs further assistance.
  • They provide employers with a written report summarizing findings.
  • Provide safety and health training.
  • Although consultants will not issue citations or propose penalties for violations of OSHA standards.

These companies lead to Medical Tourism which is one of the quickest and largest growing industries in the world which in general is the act of going overseas to obtain medical, cosmetic or dental treatment in another country.

Medical tourism is also regarded as Health Tourism, medical travel or Global healthcare. In USA and throughout the western world it is becoming common knowledge that medical tourism offers a cheaper options for receiving medical treatment without compromising on quality as the doctors are skilled and experienced at the place where the services of medical tourism are offered . As the number of uninsured people and those with a high deductibles continue to go up many of them opt to be treated outside their native land where they can manage for the treatments they need in a timely fashion.

A wide range of exceptional medical treatment packages are offered in medical tourism at a very reasonable price. All the hospitals offer advanced medical technologies and healthcare facilities by using the same medical knowledge and technology at a substantially low price. Over the past five years many travel agencies specializing in medical tourism have been offering packages to people who want to receive medical treatments abroad.

Most people are opting to receive medical treatment
abroad rather than their own countries because:

  1. Certain medical services are not available in their country of residence.
  2. Their health insurance doesn’t cover the full cost of a procedure.
  3. Most people are unwilling to compromise their health just because the treatment costs are too high.

Some other advantages include;

  • Speciality treatment at affordable prices with no compromise on quality
  • Treatment cum leisure destination
  • Availability of medical experts
  • Low cost consulting fee
  • Low treatment cost
  • No waiting period for treatment that is immediate service
  • Availability of advanced equipment
  • High quality healthcare
  • Improved flight and communication services.

The popularity of obtaining medical treatment overseas is influenced by several factors. People seek medical treatment abroad because:

  • The costs of healthcare in developed nations have increased exceedingly.
  • Nowadays international travel is trouble-free and reasonably priced.
  • Global standards of care and technological advancements in healthcare are rapidly improving all over the world
  • Improved communication opportunities make it easier to find and contact medical centre overseas

The concept of medical tourism is appealing to anyone who is interested in high quality and affordable healthcare. The medical tourism phenomenon is gaining popularity and the number of people going abroad for treatment increases rapidly every year.

With many medical tourism benefits, advancements in technology and improvements in healthcare standards within developing countries. It is likely that the advantages of medical tourism will provide a striking economical solution to many healthcare problems.

Global Healthcare & Medical Services have an experience of 12 years as Medical travel Company and provides complete healthcare solutions for individuals and corporate in India and Abroad and assisting a large number of Domestic and International patients from all across India and beyond. Mostly the patient referral business covers India, Dubai, Thailand and Turkey. We provide Manpower Consultancy and NGO besides Medical Tourism and Healthcare Consultancy.